Monday, November 9, 2009

rosalyn interviews caitlyn

(a few of caitlyn's favourites)

i. tell us about yourself (background, bio): i went to university for philosophy in hamilton and am now living in the big city of toronto working roughly four part-time jobs in addition to some "freelance" work + gearing up for cosmic latte's first show in december. my ancestors hail from the netherlands, ireland and britain. i'm the youngest of 3.

ii. mad skillz include: time boxing, drinking tea, sewing buttons on hats in turbo speed mode, guessing with 90% accuracy (it's been tested) who a song is by, cuddling, typing, remembering every single person that has ever been in a tv show or movie i have seen.

iii. what are your favourite things to do - non-craft related?: listening and collecting an abundance of music, watching raptors basketball, spending QT with family + pals, reading, wearing sweaters, D.A.N.C.I.N.G.

iv. if you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?: hmm... probably indian food because it's delicious. or milksteak.

v. what about COSMIC LATTE is special to you?: cosmic latte is the best for many reasons. it's really motivated me to get productive and put into motion ideas that have been brewing for awhile. also, working with rosalyn is pretty fantastic - it's really easy for us to bounce ideas off of each other. i have a lot of fun with her because she is the sweetest and nicest, or something disney like that.

*BONUS QUESTION: where do you learn your sweet dance moves?: it's all me, baby, all me. these skills just can't be learned.

caitlyn interviews rosalyn

we would like to introduce ourselves to you, so we've decided to interview each other. enjoy!

(a sampling of rosalyn's textile work)

i. tell us about yourself (background, bio): my name is rosalyn faustino and i'm originally from calgary, alberta. ya, that's right, yeehaw! school life: i initially studied social sciences and realized it wasn't for me. i got into the toronto school of art and loved it. from there, i went to the university of toronto and sheridan college and specialized in art and art history. with all that schooling... took a year off and i'm back in school again taking the textiles program at sheridan college. life: my family consists of my parents, my older sister and me! i love animals, wooden toys, flowers, handmade gifts and comfort food. i am a hoarder of all things, sometimes i need more space to store everything. i love looking at pretty tiny objects. I appreciate artworks with true craftsmanship. i dislike really burnt toast and chunky, uncooked onions. it's so hard to talk about yourself in one paragraph!

ii. if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?: it changes all the time. but right now, i would love to be in calgary to see my family and friends. we would probably head over to lake louise and chill out in the mountains and visit my nature friends like mister fox and miss moose. i miss home. normally, i wish i was in japan. i think i would get a lot of inspiration there. for now, i will just drool over stores like this and this.

iii. what's your biggest source of inspiration?: nature is my homie. i look at leaves, trees, things on the ground, people, things online, anything. the universe.

iv. if you were sent to prison, what would be your crime?: i think someone would frame me. probably for stealing?

v. know any good jokes?: what do you eat under there?

*BONUS QUESTION: what are your three favourite things about toronto?: the shops, the diversity in foods, and streetmeat! ha!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

what it is, what it is. welcome to the cosmic latte blog!

an introduction will be following this post in the next few days, showcasing our lovely selves and what exactly cosmic latte IS.

in the mean time, please enjoy the first edition of cosmic latte inspiration: